NHK Studio Park in Shibuya

Have you ever seen this mascot ?


This is Domo kun, a NHK mascot character and now it has become popular all over the world. He is often seen in short commercials of NHK with a rabbit who wears glasses. If you want to see him and get some items related to him, you better go NHK studio park in Shibuya.


This building is a NHK amusement park for introducing NHK programs and having an experience with jobs of broadcasting like an anchor, TV cameraman, etc…so you can try a kind of career experience there !


There is a shop that sells a various kinds of  items related to NHK prgrams.



There he is !!


A lot of Domo kun dolls…and


you may see these rare Domo kuns there !

( Information) You can take a direct bus for NHK studio park from No.2 bus stop in front of Shibuya station Shibuya markcity ( fare :200yen ) / 12 minutes on foot from JR Shibuya station Hachi kou mae / open 10 am-6 pm close the third Mondays, the next day of holiday / entrance fee 200 yen / tel 03-3485-8034

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3 Responses

  1. Naka says:

    I like this domo kun character! I didn’t know that I can buy these goods at this nhk park. And I didn’t know there is pink domo kun! It’s adorable.

  2. Sciencer says:

    I have seen this character in the internet. It’s very cute. Could I buy a Domo kun doll? It’s fun.

  3. Masayo says:

    There are some NHK characters, they welcome you when you visit NHK studio park. I like Domo-kun, his character is very nice.

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