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Nakameguro has become one of the popular city in Tokyo and many young women visit to go to the stylish cafes and Italian restaurants. Among the restaurants in Nakameguro, there is one popular Japanese restaurant called “Ifuu” which provides fine Japanese dishes. It takes about 3 minutes on foot from Nakameguro station.

“Ifuu” have many kinds of spit-roasting (kushi-yaki) and looks like a casual spit-roasting restaurant at first sight, but there are substantial Japanese dishes of other kinds.

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One of the recommendations is “Sea Urchin Rice”. The rice and the sea urchin are cooked with the broth, and the sweetness of rice and the sea urchin match together with the flavor of the sea. You can eat the freshly cooked rice at the restaurant, and if you can eat no more, the chef will make you a rice ball with the rest of the rice to take it home (also for other rice menus). “Takikomi-gohan” which is seasoned rice boiled with meat, seafood and other vegetables is also popular, which uses ingredients of the best season. The rice is cooked with earthen pot which takes 20 to 30 minutes to be ready to serve, so it is better to order it in the beginning.

Before the rice is served, you can enjoy the spit-roasting. The meat and vegetables are grilled with the charcoal, and the smoky smell is added to its simple taste. There are also course menus using full of ingredients in season. In any case, you should better make a reservation in advance.

Besides the fine dishes, you will also be pleased with the wonderful service of the staffs. The food is delivered in the best timing by watching the amount of the remaining food of each table, not to wait the customers. The staffs are all polite and explain you the recommendations of the season.

For nice Japanese dishes with wonderful services, we hope you visit “Ifuu”.

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