Nakajima no Ochaya

photo credit: DSC05829 via photopin (license)

photo credit: DSC05829 via photopin (license)

Nakajima no Ochaya – Japanese tea, cookie and a gorgeous view

If you plan to see Tokyo Tower or go to Shiodome, why not visit this place―Nakajima no Ochaya?Nakajima no Ochaya is a traditional tea-house just like that of in the Edo period(“Ochaya” means tea-house in Japanese), and it is located inside of  Hama Rikyu Gardens, a Japanese garden.

There are tatami mats to seat, and a cup of Japanese tea will be served with a little Japanese cookie. You can enjoy your time there as many shoguns or high samurais did in the past.

Besides tea and a cookie, the view also give you a special moment. Nakajima no Ochaya is located in a little made pond in Hamarikyu which is the venerable garden that was made in the Edo period.

Many samurais enjoyed the sight, and in the Meiji period several distinguished guests from abroad visited this garden. For example, Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of the US, visited there after his term expired.

You’ll have a great time in Nakajima no Ochaya with a nice cup of tea, a tasty Japanese cookie, and a gorgeous view of Hama Rikyu Gardens.

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