Ota ward is actually a trove of onsen which color is dark brown. Myojin-Yu is an attractive, traditional style sento (bathhouse) which charges only 460 yen.

The architecture is worth seeing. Its external view is like ornate temple and wide painting on tile of the wall is an artistic work so that you can relax in the bathtub appreciating the painting.

You never feel more comfortable in the bathtub when you are tired. So why don’t you take a walk along Tamagawa before you visit Myojin-Yu?

Walking course recommended is starting from Tamagawa station and walking along Rokugoyo suihodo toward Ikegami Honganji where you can see historic 5 story pagoda and come back to Myojin-yu.

Since old times, sento have not just been used for daily bathing but also for social exchanges of local people.

Compare to “super sento” which is more like spa with perfect customer service where you don’t need to bring bathing kit, sento is operated in a simple way, it doesn’t provide towel, soap and shampoo(although you can buy them).

Please bring bathing kit and don’t bring valuables. If you are interested in Japanese sento culture, Japanese comedy Films “Terumae Romae” is recommended.

Regular holiday
5th,15th,25th(In the case of Sunday, a festival day, the next day is a holiday.)

Open hour
4:00 pm – 11:30 pm

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