Mujirushi Ryohin (Muji)

photo credit: 06910016 via photopin (license)

photo credit: 06910016 via photopin (license)

Mujirushi Ryohin (Muji) is one of the nation-wide popular retailers in Japan which offers a large variety of household goods. The company established in 1980 with the name ‘Muji’ which stands for ‘Mujirushi Ryohin’, and it is now widely known as a high quality private-label brand all over the world. Muji currently operates 284 stores in Japan and 301 stores outside Japan.

The words ‘Mujirushi Ryohin’ means no-brand superior items. As it’s named, the Muji products are just so plain and do not have any frills, but have all the value for not much money. Their simple designs are widely accepted by people regardless of age or gender. They currently offers over 7,500 items which are actually everything overall everyday life such as furniture, home appliances, kitchen supplies, tableware, clothing, plants and flowers, home and office accessories, toys, crafts, cosmetics, food, and a lot more. They are even selling actual houses and have also succeeded to acquire many fans. Their well thought-out designs are wide-ranging such as ‘Right Angle Socks’ which are shaped to the correct angle of your heel, and so it won’t slip out of position, or ‘Beads Sofa’ which is a big cushion exactly fitting your body to support your relaxation and sleep.

Each Muji shop is surrounded completely calm atmosphere with relaxing music. Their products are laid out neatly and beautifully, making clean lines.

Some Muji shops feature a delicatessen ‘Café & Meal Muji’ which offers fresh and healthy deli with the seasonal ingredients. You can also enjoy fresh coffee or various tea with tasty desserts there.

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