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Turning into a side road from the Sunshine 60 Street, about 3-5 minutes away from the Ikebukuro station, there is a small curry restaurant called Moyan Curry Ike.

The curry roux of Moyan Curry is made from a balanced blend of spices, and they uses 23 to 26 kinds of spices depending on the weather or climate.

They also mix 8 kinds of vegetables and fruits. What is even surprising is that they use one onion for one helping. Vegetables which are more than three times the weight than the actual curry roux is simmered for a long time, and it takes 2 weeks to complete from the preparation. This makes the roux thick and mild as the potage soup, and is low calorie comparing to normal Western-style curry.

New menus are developed by their study everyday, and the hidden menu sometimes becomes an official menu if many customers are pleased with its taste.

Yoy can have up to two boiled potatoes, rooibos tea and coffee at the self-service counter.

At lunch time, they serve food as a buffet style, and you could eat beef and pork curry and many other side menus for only 1000 yen.

If you prefer to select your favorite curry, we recommend you to visit at dinner time.

One of the recommended menu is the Keema Curry and curry sauce. You can taste two types of curry mixing the soft boiled egg. There are many unique curry with a varied of toppings, such as avocado and shrimp, twice cooked pork (on of the Chinese dishes), and so on. You can also customize your curry by selecting the level of the spiciness and the amount of the rice.

Since curry lovers notice the difference of the mildness of the curry roux, many people get addicted to this curry. If you feel having a heavy meal but something healthy and delicious, why don’t you visit here?

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