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Walking along a narrow path, about 5minutes walk from Meiji Jingumae station, there is a three story building with a patio named Moena Cafe.

Moena Cafe is one of the pancake brand from Hawaii, and was awarded in “TOP WRITE-IN VOTE” 2 years in a row. The owner-chef is particular about the combination of the powder, the way of baking, the receipt of the sauce, the way of arranging dishes…chef’s effort is condensed in each dish.

You can taste the pancake of the same receipt of the owner-chef at this cafe in Harajuku (and another sister store is in Kyoto).

The pancakes are baked at a stroke so the surface is crispy and the inner part is moist and chewy.

They have many kinds of menu and some of them can be ordered only in Japan. One of the recommended menu is the ‘volcano pancake’ series, which is the image of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. Three pancakes are piled up and so much fruit and ice cream are used for the topping. The cream and sauce falling down from the top of the pancakes will make you imagine the magma of the volcano. Try it if you really love cream and ice cream!! You can also add extra whipped cream or ice cream if you wish.

You can also enjoy other Hawaiian dishes such as Eggs Benedict, loco moco or steak which can be ordered in dinner time.

Another recommendation is the coffee of ‘OLD SUGAR MILL’ which is the coffee brand loved by the local Hawaiians.

Since there are so many menus to choose, we suggest you to visit the cafe with several people and share several dishes together.

Although you may wait about one hour to get into the cafe, once you go in, you will be pleased with the wide open space reminding of Hawaii.

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