Just within 1 minute on foot from the North exit of Okubo station, there is a small cafe called “MK CAFE” (previously called “MAGIC K CAFE”). You can also walk for about 4 minutes from Shin-Okubo station and you can find the colorful building of the cafe.

The interior is mostly arranged and decorated by female staffs, and the handmade decoration gives you relaxed atmosphere. The first floor is surrounded by the handmade pastel colored walls and the sofas are arranged. The sofa seats at the second floor using quiet tones such as brown and gray are more relaxing, and there is a special space where you can pull the curtain to divide the room and have important talks, and also a private room.

One of the recommendation is “Handmade Taco Rice” which you can add your favorite toppings out of 6 kinds for additional fee to customize your own. If you can visit the cafe until 2 PM, you can eat this taco rice at 200 yen discount!! There is an original menu “Mackerel Muffin”: the mackerel broiled with salt, tomato and sliced onion is in between the soft English muffin and you squeeze lemon on the mackerel before you eat. There are other dishes such as pasta which has small salad on the same plate. It is nice for a light and healthy meal.

There are many side dishes such as french fries, boiled green soybeans and original salad. They also have alcohol drinks, so you can visit to have a meal or to drink alcohol with a little side dish.

Although it is so near from the station, it is rather quiet since the cafe is located along a quiet street, so you can spend a relaxed time here. Therefore, if you are finding somewhere to drop by which is nice to spend a comfortable time, you may find MK CAFE a nice cafe.

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