One of the popular food in Japan is avocado. Many people love its creamy texture and eat it for their health because it is so nutritious. If you love avocados, there is a Mexican restaurant in Shimokitazawa called ‘MEXICAN DINING AVOCADO’ where you can eat avocados of the highest quality in the world and real Mexican food all you can eat. The restaurant is about five minutes’ walk from Shimokitazawa station.

At this restaurant, they have buffet course on lunch time in the weekends just for 2000 yen. You can eat tacos, appetizers, main dishes and desserts as much as you like. Many people visit here from afar, and you can find people taking pictures in front of the restaurant for their memories.

The avocados are all in the best timing for eating, and you can enjoy its rich taste and the extremely creamy texture which will melt in your mouth.

Also enjoy the tacos which you can customize by yourself choosing the favorite toppings. You can also eat rice with the best meat dishes if you are hungry. The spicy Mexican food is arranged to suit to the Japanese palate, so you don’t need to worry even you are not familiar with Mexican food. The spicy chicken and pork steaks are juicy and well-seasoned.

Another recommended  point is that the tequila sommelier will make you an original tequila cocktail by asking your liking. Of course, there are many standard tequila cocktails which you can choose from.

And don’t forget the original desserts!! The unique avocado cakes and ‘Macedonia’ which is a jelly of hibiscus tea. There is also detox water with fruits in it, so you can think of your health by just enjoying eating and drinking.

If you are interested in nice avocados and best Mexican food, visit ‘MEXICAN DINING AVOCADO’ to try them on your own!!

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  1. hami2009 says:

    One of the foods I miss the most when I’m in Japan is the Mexican food because there are no Mexican restaurant around my hometown. I must visit here if I have a chance to go to Shimokitazawa area!

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