Meiji jingu

Do you know where is the most popular spiritual spot in Tokyo? I bet  Meiji jingu is one of them.This shurine was built in 1920 for enshrining Meiji emperor and his wife. The site is as 15 times the size of Tokyo Dome. Every new year, approximately 3 million people visit there.

Meiji Jingu is covered with 170 thousand trees and it’s said that Visiting there has some effects to the safety of house and business.

This shurine is especially famous for a well called ” Kiyomasa-no-Ido “. The well has a rumor that if you take a picture of and set it on a main picture of your cell phone, luck has turned in your favor. That’s why  there are many people around the well during even weekday.

After taking a walk around the shurine, why don’t you have a special ice cream ? You can get a Macha flavor ice cream at a cafe near Jingu.

( Information ) 1 minute on foot from JR Harajyuku station Sandou exit / open sunrise-sunset ( it depends on season ) 7 days a week / entrance fee: free ( 500 yen is needed at the well ) / tel :03-3379-5511

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  1. marchioness says:

    I took some of my non-Japanese friends and they were surprised to see a big forest in the middle of Tokyo. You can see a Japanese wedding if you’re lucky.

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