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photo credit: Gyu-don via photopin (license)

photo credit: Gyu-don via photopin (license)

Matsuya, one of the famous Gyudon restaurants

Matsuya is one of the popular restaurant chains in Japan which mainly serves Gyudon (literally beef bowl). Gyudon is a bowl dish which contains rice topped with sliced beef and onions boiled in a mildly sweet source. Japanese people often add a raw egg and/or some red pickled ginger on the top of the Gyudon.

Gyudon has been favored by Japanese people and served in many restaurants and some fast food chains. There are three major Gyudon chains in Japan which are Yoshinoya, Sukiya, and this Matsuya chain. Matsuya now operates 1,034 restaurants in Japan, and 7 outside of Japan such as Shanghai and New York.

photo credit: IMG_0389 via photopin (license)

photo credit: IMG_0389 via photopin (license)

If you want to experience some Japanese fast food culture, Gyudon (called Gyumeshi in Matsuya, though) of Matsuya would be a good choice to try. When you walk into the restaurant, you will find a vending machine at the entrance. Even if you do not understand any Japanese written on the machine, the pictures of each dish would help you to choose a favorite one. Choose a dish and press the button, get your change and a ticket, and then hand the ticket to a staff there. They will immediately prepare your meal, and after a few minutes waiting it would be ready to taste!

Matsuya offers not only Gyudon (Gyumeshi), but also various bowls, curry with rice, seasonal dishes and much more. All the dishes are served accompanied with complimentary Miso soup.

It is a kind of fast food chain, but provides a lot more cost-effective dishes than hamburger & fries.

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