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Soba noodle restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo


If you want to eat fine Japanese traditional food in Ginza, what about soba noodle (buckwheat noodle)? About 3 minutes’ walk from Shimbashi station or 6 minutes’ walk from Ginza station, there is a nice soba noodle restaurant called “Matsugen Rin” at the 6th floor of Ginza Green building.

The city of Ginza can be seen from the window of the private rooms, and you can see the chefs preparing the dishes from the counter seats which surrounds the kitchen, while the Jazz music is being played quietly in the restaurant.

At this restaurant, you can eat fine soba noodles and other dishes using selected ingredients.

They grind the unhulled soba produced in Japan with the millstone each time the order is made, and use water from the foothills of the Nikko mountain range to make the soba noodle. There are three kinds of soba noodle which uses different part of the soba. For lunch time menu, there is a limited lunch set which you can taste all three kinds of soba noodle with tempura and a little side dishes, and you can enjoy the difference of their flavor and aroma. There are also many other courses for both lunch time and dinner time.

They also take special care on seafood which is delivered from Tsukiji market every morning and the meat produced only in Japan. The vegetables are delivered mainly from their own farm in Kyoto and also from other places which is carefully selected. The combination of these high-quality ingredients will create delicious dishes of the season.

Although soba noodle is known as one of the simple Japanese food, you can understand how high-quality soba noodle taste like, and enjoy with other fine dishes cooked by the skilled chefs. Enjoy the fine Japanese food at the quiet, luxurious space of “Matsugen Rin”!!

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