Masakado no kubizuka

masakado no kubiduka

One of the Japanese very famous ghost story is about Masakado Taira who is considered to be a first samurai. He was enshrined in Otemachi as a deity of Edo (Tokyo). He was a big-brother type popular warlord of Kanto region in Heian period. He expanded dominion as people want him to be their warlord but the emperor in Kyoto didn’t like it.

Masakado was finally regarded as a traitor and killed by the emperor. After Masakado died, his head was cut off and placed in Kyoto for public showing. According to legend, Masakado’s head didn’t rot at all, his eyes were widely open and raised a cry every night.

Eventually his head flew to Kanto region from Kyoto to quest missing body. Masakado no kubizuka (shrine) surrounded by gleaming modern skyscrapers, very close to Imperial Palace is considered the place where Masakado’s head dropped off on his way from Kyoto.

Until now, every time people tried to remove Masakado no kubizuka, project was failed because many people involved got sick or suffered misfortunes.  Japanese people still believes that Masakado’s anger is alive. This is the reason why there is a small mysterious spot between the building in the central of Tokyo. You can access to Masakado no kubizuka 5 minutes walk from Otemachi station, next to Mitsui Bussan building.

It is recommended to visit there when you go to Imperial Palace.

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