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Akabane is known as one of the city with many restaurants which provide cheap but nice food. Among them, there are one famous standing shop of Oden (Japanese hotchpotch) called “Maruken Suisan”. It is about 3 minutes’ walk from Akabane station, along the Silk Road shopping arcade. “Maruken Suisan” is a handmade “Nerimono” (steamed fish paste) shop, and you can either buy Nerimono stewed in the stock of Oden or Nerimono before put in the stock.

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However, most people eat them immediately instead of bringing home, and they eat at the long table which is placed in front of the store. The good smell of the broth will surely make you eat them which is cooked in front of you!! The Oden consists of variety of ingredients, such as Nerimono, boiled eggs, deep-fried tofu and Japanese white radish stewed in the kelp and bonito broth. One of the recommendation is “Hanpen” (boiled flat fish cake) which is put inside the broth after the order is made, and it is so fluffy and almost melt in your mouth.

If you cannot decide what to choose, you can order “Oden set” which is 4 Oden ingredients of the store’s choice and 1alcohol drink.

You can see many people drinking “One Cup” (Japanese sake in a glass cup) with Oden, and talking with the staffs of the store. The scenery will make you feel the retro atmosphere of Showa period. If you bring the One Cup to the staffs with little sake left in it, they will pour the broth of Oden into the cup. This unique drink is called “Dashiwari” which is a special menu not included in the official menu, and you should try it!!

The staffs are kind and will explain the recommendations to you, and regular customers at the table are also so friendly. Since it is open from 10:00 am, you can enjoy eating and drinking from the daytime. However, there is a rule that you can order only 1 alcohol drink if you already drank alcohol at a different place. Therefore, you should come here first if you want to enjoy eating and drinking for a long time.

Come and visit “Maruken Suisan” to feel and taste the Japanese culture of the old times.

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