Yokohama Marine Tower

Yokohama Marine Tower

Marine tower is still considered as one of the symbol towers in Yokohama. Yokohama is located south from Tokyo and can be accessed by taking the HR or the Tokyu Toyoko line Limited Express (Around 35 minutes from Shibuya to Motomachi-Chukagai Station).

Yokohama Marine Tower2It is a former light house and was considered as one of the tallest lighthouse in the world. The tower itself is 106 meters tall and will be illuminated with several LED lightings during the night. On clear and sunny days, mount fuji can be seen from the observation deck on the top of the tower.

The entrance fees for adults are set at 750 yen and 500 yen for middle and high school students. Elementary students can enter for 250 yen. From the observation deck you will be able to see all the history of Yokohama from all angles. The fact that Yokohama Bay is located right in front of the tower will make you feel relaxed and uplifting!

At ground level, there are several restaurants and bars for you to enjoy. Wouldn’t it be great to have dinner right in front of Yokohama Bay? Well, this might the answer. There is a bar/restaurant called mizumachi bar located below marine tower. American and Mexican ethnic foods are available at the store all set a reasonable price ranges. It is highly recommended to order a cocktail with Mexican foods; a great choice to set the atmosphere in front of the sea. At late hours, it will be nice for you to enjoy some of the liquor at the counter table. The cocktails provided are juicy and seasonal. There is also a Mojito garden set available for 3480 yen (for 2 or more people). This is an all you can drink course for 2 hours with a dinner course provided.

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