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Mabu Tokyo Ginza – Umbrella Specialty Shop in Ginza

One of the unique things you might notice when you visit Japan is how many people use umbrella on a daily basis, whether it’s raining or sunny. So it’s no wonder that there are several umbrella specialty shops in Tokyo, focusing only on umbrella and other rainy day items.

Located in Ginza district, Mabu is one of the most popular umbrella shops in Tokyo. As you walk into the store, you will notice a wide variety of colorful umbrellas that are neatly laid out throughout the store, and various other items such as rain boots and must-have rain accessories.

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Mobu’s umbrellas are simple in colors, somewhat reminding customers of traditional Japanese umbrellas from old ages, yet their functionality and design are world’s top class. For example, Mobu’s umbrellas made with 24 ribs are world’s first products. Compared to the regular umbrellas with only 8 ribs, ones with 24 ribs certainly add durability and prevent them from flipping over in heavy wind. Using a lightweight fiberglass for the ribs keep the umbrellas light and easy to use even for women. In addition to the regular 8 ribs, 16 ribs, and 24 ribs umbrellas, Mobu also sells various umbrellas for specific purposes, such as ones you can carry hands-free, ones specifically made to withstand during heavy rainfall, ones that come with cases for easy portability during commute, and ones made to cut 99.9% of UV rays for sunny days.

The store is open from 12 pm to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm from Tuesdays through Sundays, and closed on Mondays.

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