Luxe Dinning Hapuna

Luxe Dinning Hapuna is located in Shinagawa Prince Hotel. This restaurant is very famous and popular,are many visitors who stay to eat this breakfast buffet. People stand in line from morning on weekdays.  Not only the hotel guests but also many general visitors arrive and enjoy eating food.


This restaurant is large and is beautiful and feels luxurious.

In the seat, a reservation is possible.

There are various menus anddish parts of four areas, (Western food dish areas such as roast beef or the bread,Chinese food areas such as the bean jam maulshao mai, Japanese food dish areas such as tempura or udon, Dessert area.)


Crab is the one of most popular foods in this buffet.


You may eat as much as you like.

Opening Hours/   Morning  6:00A.M.~10:00A.M.

Lunch 11:00~15:00.   Dinner 17:30.~22:00

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