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If you have a chance to visit Enoshima island, how about spending your afternoon in a nice cafe with ocean view?

At Enoshima, there is a first specialty store of French toast in Japan which I highly recommend.

The nearest station is Enoshima, Katase-Enoshima or Shonan-Enoshima station, or you can go there by car.

Once you enter Enoshima, you can either walk or take the ‘Enoshima Escar’, which are small escalators that helps you take to the arrival point.

It may take about twenty or thirty minutes by foot, but however, you will feel that it is not as far as you expected because of the wonderful scenery seen while walking.

Turn right at the entrance of Samuel Cocking Garden, and you can see a cafe against the superb view of Sagami Bay.

You need 200 yen for entrance fee, but you can also enjoy walking in the garden after eating or during the wait time.

You can visit with your pet as far as the pet is inside the pet carrier. If not, they will lend you a bag for small-breed dogs for free.

The french bread is soaked in the special egg sauce carefully, and you can enjoy the crispy surface and such a creamy texture inside. The french toasts are served with fruits such as bananas, berries or apple pie filling, and also with special sauce and ice cream. Once you put in your mouth, it melts inside your mouth and the cold ice cream and cream are all well-harmonized.

In winter, there is a small heater under the table to keep you warm, so that you can choose the terrace seat if you want. Of course, you can enjoy the ocean view from the sofa seat inside the cafe.

Eating such a delicious french toast in such a wonderful scenery: enjoy your wonderful experience!!

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