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Inside the JR Akabane station, among other restaurants and cafes in the Ecute Akabane shopping area, there is a stylish Bar called ‘Local Stand Tokyo Bar’.

The concept of the restaurant is the mixture of ‘made in Japan’ and ‘Tokyo style’ where you can easily enjoy food and alcohol. It is very convenient that you can visit there without going out the ticket gate, so you can easily drop in after work or shopping when you change trains or just have a stopover at Akabane station.

They serve dishes using Japanese traditional ingredients and seasoning and many kinds of alcohol made in Japan.

At lunch time, they have Japanese bar style set meal and rice bowl dishes of the day in a reasonable price. You can ask for large helping of rice for free at lunch time!!

At dinner time, you can enjoy Japanese tapas including the specialty of local well-known restaurant in Akabane such as ‘Miyako tofu (soybean curd) pickled with miso’, ‘Five colored deep-fried food of Maruken Suisan’ and dishes using sake lees such as ‘Thick-sliced bacon pickled with sake lees’. Each dish has just the amount to pick at and it all goes well with alcohol.

You can also order famous brand of sake made in Koyama brewery which is the only existing sake brewery in 23 Wards in Tokyo and also Japanese wine. They also have highball with honey pickled lemon, drink using malted rice and many other original drinks. You will feel like drinking alcohol even from lunch time!!

Today’s special is written on the blackboard, and you can choose seasonal menus and menu of the day from it. All menus are not just high-quality dishes, but uses much vegetables and healthy.

If you feel like having little food and nice glass of alcohol, visit Tokyo Bar and the friendly servers are always waiting for you!!

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  1. haramin says:

    Ecute akabane is a small shopping mall but it’s in the station. It’s amazing.

  2. moem says:

    I like Japan much,but I’ve never heard of Akabane. Famous for?

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