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Lion Share is an Indian curry restaurant which is famous for  “Dry keema curry”, always highly ranked in the gourmet magazine. The history of Lion Share started in 2004. A man apprenticed to a legendary curry restaurant in Nagano Prefecture decided to open his own curry restaurant in Yoyogi, Tokyo.

The restaurant is always packed with people despite its inconvenient location. Lion Share is 10 minutes walk from Yoyogi station, located in the residential area. While this middle sized restaurant with clean wooden wall and warm lighting doesn’t look like typical Indian restaurants, it is more like cozy cafe.

There is even a sofa seating for families and groups. As the atmosphere is so relaxing, you realize that time goes by slowly here. The curry prepared by skillful chef is scrumptious using carefully selected ingredients, less oil, no flour. You can not forget well spiced meaty taste of dry keema curry.

The combination of ground beef and minced onion makes an incredible harmony adding depth and bringing out the other individual flavors of vegetable.

Lion Share is very busy at lunch time. People show up out of nowhere for tasty curry. The restaurant offers set menue A and B. Set menu A is a good introduction for the first visit.

Lion curryIt is a keema curry plus one options from chicken curry, tomato & chicken & spinach curry, vegetarian curry.

Set menu B is just a curry plate with rice/bread. They are priced at 900-1200 yen, and take-out is also available.

There are fewer guests at dinner time. You can taste several different types of curries and side dishes with inexpensive drinks. For side dishes, pickled egg and cucumbers marinate in  nam pla are recommended.

Their opening hour is as follows:

Monday – Saturday

Lunch 11:30 – 14:00

Dinner 18:30 – 23:00 (22:00 last order)

Closed on Sundays and holidays

From Lion Share, you can access to Meiji-Jingu (10 minutes walk) and Yoyogi Park (10 minutes walk)

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