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LIMA Shinjuku is a grocery store selling macrobiotic and natural foods which also opens cafe and petite cooking school in the premise. Conveniently located near MAYNDS tower, 2 minutes walk from Oedo line Shinjuku station.

The selection of the products are broad, vegetable, fruits, dry foods, cleanser, cooking utensil etc…all of the products are carefully selected adhering to their own standards ; made in Japan, cultivated in Japan, traditional process of manufacture, no white sugar etc… on top of the usual standards of “organic food”, they have strict rules.

Therefore lunch box (bento) is, of course, popular. These bentos are sold out as soon they arrive in store, as there are many office workers in this area. They offer seasonal tea for free for charge every day at the counter.

If you are fluent in Japanese, there is a macrobiotic cooking class available.
(For further detail of the cooking class, please call 03-6304-2006)

lima caffe

For quick lunch, LIMA café is recommended. Their handmade vegetarian burgers are scrumptious and healthy. They also offer curry, donburi(topping on rice), dessert etc. Take out is available.

They are priced at 750 – 900 yen.

The production of organic food is sustainable therefore it is good to keep our planet clean. LIMA is proud to work with local organic food as well as one of the world’s respected food brands. The history of macrobiotic started in Japan. Joichi Osawa (known as George Oswa abroad) conquered illness by changing his dietary life. He established his own method taking yin and yang theory into the diet, deeply accosting diet with health, talking to the people about his method, finally his method is known all over the world now.

Grocery store’s open hours

Weekday: 10:00 am – 8:30 pm
Weekend & holidays: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

LIMA café’s open hours

11:30 – 19:00 (L.O.18:30)

What’s near by: Shinjuku station, Yoyogi village, Meiji-Jingu, Yoyogi Park


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