When you come to Tokyo with small kids, this is good place to go as it’s indoors and you don’t have to worry about the weather. And your kids are sure to love playing with a lot of Lego pieces, big and small. Also, it has some attractions like a laser-shooting game, a wizard ride you can pedal, and a 4D cinema. Also, there are workshop classes by master model builders, and designing your own Lego race car and making it run are fun.

This Lego-freak’s paradise is located in Odaiba, one of the most exciting areas in Tokyo. So, you won’t have trouble finding nice cafes, restaurants, and stores to peruse before or after an enjoyable time at Legoland.

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4 Responses

  1. Silversky says:

    This would be such a cool place to hang out, especially around the rainy season. I heard that you’ll get to see the Lego Tokyo Tower !

  2. Sciencer says:

    I have been enslaved in LEGO since my childhood. So, this place must be a attractive spot even though this is for kids.

  3. hami2009 says:

    I actually went to odaiba area last summer, but I didn’t get to visit there. This would be a great place to take my daughter when we have a chance to go to odaiba again because she loves LEGO! I also like that this is an indoor place so both kids and adults can enjoy when it’s raining outside!

  4. Masayo says:

    If you have small kids, you must visit Lego land. Even adluts can enjoy making Lego work. Lego is really good for children’ education, if you are interested in Lego, please visit it.

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