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Yakiniku Restaurant in Setagaya

In Setagaya-ku, there is one popular Yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant called “La Bouef”. It takes about 20 minutes on foot from either Yoga station or Kaminoge station, but it is always crowded that it is hard to make reservation especially on weekends.

The reason of its popularity is that this restaurant is under the direct management of the meat wholesaler, which make it possible for them to provide high-quality Japanese black beef in a reasonable price. The beef is cut out from the block of meat after the order is made, to keep its freshness and taste. To enjoy the rich taste of the Japanese beef, the meat itself is not flavored, and the sauce to dip the meat is of light taste. They suggest the best way of tasting the meat according to the menu, such as eating with salt or soy sauce with seasoning. The slight sweetness of the fat and the soft meat is mixed together to make a magnificent harmony in your mouth, and it is simply delicious!!

The recommended menus are written on the blackboard, and you may find rare menu which is not listed in the standard menu. Every dish is of high-quality that it even has the the same value of meat which costs twice as much in other restaurants. You will be surprised how the taste and texture is different from the meat provided at other restaurants. However, the menus on the blackboard especially have priceless taste, so we highly recommend you to order at least one of the menus on the blackboard.

Since some menus will be sold out late at night, so it is better to visit at an early time.

If you simply want to eat the best Japanese beef in Setagaya-ku, we suggest you to visit “La Bouef” to taste the fine meat of forgettable taste.

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