Kyu-Yasuda Teien

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Kyu-Yasuda Teien (Former Yasuda Garden) is one of the strolling style gardens which is located in well-known Sumo wrestler’s town, Ryogoku.

The origin of this garden is not certain, but it was built as a Daimyo garden from 1688 to 1703 during Edo period. In Meiji period, it was bought by Yasuda Zenjiro who was the founder of the wealthiest financial group, and then the garden was granted to Tokyo city in Taisho period and finally to Sumida-ku in 1969 up to present.

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The garden was designed to draw the water of the pond from Sumida River, and so the level of the water had changed along with the rise and fall of the tide of the river. However, due to the pollution of Sumida river, it is now artificially controlled the level of the water.

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Kyu-Yasuda Teien is traditional Japanese style garden with full of greenery. You can enjoy yourself there taking a walk seeing various flowers of each season including superb cherry blossoms in spring and colorfully tinted leaves in autumn, or the view of SkyTree, Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumo hall) and Ryogoku Kokaido from the tranquil garden is also magnificent. Every summer, one festival is held in the garden and the visitors can experience some Japanese traditional cultures such as Chaseki (tea ceremony), Haiku (Japanese poetry), Ennichi (street fair), and more.

It is located 5 minutes-walk from Ryogoku Station (JR line or Oedo Subway Line).

Open daily from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm for free entry. Closed from December 29 through January 1.

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