Kyu Furukawa Gardens

Kyu Furukawa Gardens, a beautiful Japanese garden and the Western style house are in Komagome Tokyo. In Meiji era the former Foreign Minister Munemitsu Mutsu owned this place. Later it became Furukawa family’s possession. In 1917, the garden and the house were build designed by a famous British architect Joshia Conder. The Japanese garden was made by Harubei Ogawa, who was known as a pioneer of Japanese garden. In 2006 it was designated as National Scenic beauty spot.

What should be specially mentioned here is rose gardens. There are Italian style rose garden and French style rose garden. And this collaborates very well with Japanese garden. In the building there is a restaurant so you can enjoy your meal and watching beautiful roses. From May to June and from mid October to November, the rose festival is held. Sometimes there is a classic concert in the garden.

Japanese Tea Ceremony Room in Kyu Furukawa Gardens

photo credit: P6011028 via photopin (license)

photo credit: P6011028 via photopin (license)

While kyu Furukawa Gardens are famous for its rose gardens and Western style house, you can also enjoy Japanese traditional garden and there is a Japanese tea ceremony room.

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