Kouraitei in Shinokubo

Shin’okubo is famous as a Korean town and there are so many shops & restaurants related to Korea. I’m going to introduce one of the most popular Korean restaurants. The name is Kouraitei. This restaurant serves home-style Korean dishes like samgyetang, samgyeopsal, buchimgae. Among them, samgyetang is a very popular menu in the restaurant.

samgyetang 2500 yen

It is a soup stewed with chicken, Korean ginseng, rice, spices and it’s effective to  fatigue. This soup is so healthy that you can try even after eating many food. In addition, if women have it,  the face would turn to fine & soft skin !!


Parsonaly, I love buchimgae ( Korean pancake ) because it’s really cranchy and tasts like a snack with seafood. So If I have a chance to go there, I definitely order it !!

Each dishes are so good, that’s why the Korean pop music group, KARA went to eat there.

( Information ) 5 minutes on foot from JR Shin’okubo / open 11am-3 pm, 5pm-12pm / 7 days a week / tel 03-3361-2773

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  1. Yaga says:

    Looks delicious! Korean food and Korean drama are now so poplar in Japan. I would like to try korean food.

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