Asakusa Kimono Rental KOSODE

If you are interested in feeling Japan’s classic culture, why not try-on Kimono at Retal Kimono Kosode in Asakusa!

Kimono, Traditional Japanese Garment

Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment which now much less people are wearing in daily life but still have some opportunities to wear at some special occasions such as Shichi-Go-San Festival which parents take their 5 year-old boy, 7 year-old or 3 year-old girl wearing Kimono or another formal dress to a local shrine to tender their gratitude for growth and good health of the child.

Also at the age of 20, on Coming-of-Age Ceremony, girls wear Furisode (Kimono with long flowing sleeve). Furthermore, every summer many people go out for summer festivals or fireworks wearing Yukata (informal summer Kimono).

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Asakusa Kimono Rental KOSODE

asakusa kimono rental kosode


Kosode offers rental service of Kimono in Asakusa on the way to well-known Sensoji Temple. You can try-on Kimono there and go out for sightseeing wearing it. The shop prepares not only Kimono but also all the necessary items such as Zori (sandals for Kimono) and bags. If you like, you can also ask them to set your hair as an optional service. There are plenty of beautiful Kimono to choose from casual Yukata to formal Furisode.

In case you have any difficulty of choosing one, the staff there will kindly give you some advice. It takes from 30 minutes for dressing and 15 minutes for hair set. They can keep your clothes and luggage while you are going on a sightseeing. The returning time is by 17:30, therefore you can enjoy a whole day in Asakusa.

You can rend Kimono at Kosode without any reservations in advance, however a reservation by phone or email would be recommended. They have staff who can communicate in English, so don’t worry about it.

Kosode is located 30 second-walk from Asakusa Station (Tobu Sky Tree Line) or one minute-walk from Ginza Subway Line Asakusa Station.

Open from , and close every Monday except public holidays.

Asakusa Kimono Rental KOSODE
Opening Hours 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Closed Mondays except public holidays
Tel 03-5246-4301
Access 30 second-walk from Asakusa Station (Tobu Sky Tree Line)
one minute-walk from Ginza Subway Line Asakusa Station
Address 2F-3F, Wakamatsuya Bld., 1-5-3 Hanakawado, Tait-ku, Tokyo

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