Kokappo Ohashi Shibuya

Kokappo Ohashi Shibuya

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About 2 minutes’ walk from Miyamasuzaka exit of Shibuya station, there is a Japanese restaurant called ‘Ohashi’. Although it is in Shibuya which is one of the crowded, noisy city in Tokyo, there is a small Japanese style garden by the entrance of this restaurant, and the interior is like a high-class Japanese style inn of relaxed atmosphere. They serve Kyoto-style home cooking in a simple taste, cherishing the traditional Japanese style.

There are so many private rooms of different sizes just to fit for groups of variety of number of people. Although the walls are not sound-proof to block the conversations of other rooms completely, it is enough to concentrate on your own meal and conversation without other people coming into your view. There are also counter seats where you can easily have a meal for a short time.

Fresh fish is delivered directly from Tsukiji Market and served as sashimi (sliced raw fish). It is also arranged such as ‘tuna and avocado mixed with Japanese horseradish and mayonnaise’ and ‘vinegared mackerel rolled in kelp’, and you can enjoy the creative dishes using these fresh fish.

One of the recommendation is ‘Dashimaki-tamago (Japanese-style rolled omelette)’ which is one of the popular menus people order. The chef will bake it after the order is made, and because the dish is so simple, you can taste the broth mixed in the soft egg and understand the chefs’ skill. Many other dishes are all delicious, and go well with alcohol. There are Japanese sake, shochu, beer, cocktail and wine as alcohol drinks, and the food especially matches the high-selected Japanese sake. You may lose track of time tasting nice food and drinks.

Kokappo Ohashi Shibuya2

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When you feel like eating fine Japanese food with someone special, we recommend you to visit ‘Ohashi’ and people who go with you will be pleased with the nice atmosphere and fine dishes.

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