Kisetsu Ryori Funayado

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Kisetsu Ryori Funayado is a classic-style restaurant which provides ‘Nagashi-Somen‘ only in summer. The restaurant features its gassho-zukuri house which is the old building structure in Japan with steep roof and it was constructed without any metal materials. Just like the outside appear, inside of the restaurant is also full of retro atmosphere and so you would feel as if you had been transported through time to old age.

Nagashi-Somen at Kisetsu Ryori Funayado

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During summer, the restaurant offers Nagashi-Somen (literally flowing noodles) as a limited service for the hot season. As you order Nagashi-Somen, Somen noodles will be served with some spices such as ginger, leek and grated daikon, also with some tomato and tempura of vegetables. Once you become ready for Nagashi-Somen, you or your companions need to send the noodles down into a long bamboo water slider, and as the somen pass by, you pluck them out with your chopsticks and dip them in tsuyu (soy source based soup). Catching somen is a kind of fun, but required a bit of technique for catching enough to satisfy your appetite. But don’t worry! There are plenty of Tempura beside more than you can eat.

Kisetsu Ryori Funayado is located 5 minutes-walk from Shibasaki Station (Keio Line) in Chofu City. There are other Funayado restaurants nearby which are all same group but have different features.

Opens from July to the middle of September, only on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm (L.O. 4:30 pm). Reservations are required.

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