Just 3 minutes’ walk from Akabane station, there is a Chinese restaurant called ‘Kirakubo’ where you can eat real Chinese and Hong Kong dishes. The interior of the restaurant is typical Chinese style, and since it is such a spacious room, you can even reserve for 100 people to have a dinner party.

All the ingredients are made in Japan and carefully chosen, and they use fresh fish and vegetables caring about the customers’ health.

The genuine Hong Kong dim sum (Cantonese small dishes) is all handmade and freshly made by the professionals. The popular xiaolongbao (soup dumpling), gyoza (dumpling), shaomai (steamed meat dumpling)…so many kinds of delicious dishes are waiting for you!! If you prefer to enjoy many kinds of dim sum, there is a course which is all-you-can-eat.

For the side dishes, big shrimps with chili sauce and shrimps with mayonnaise are popular dishes. The fresh, chewy big shrimps and the harmony of the sauce is magnificent. So many kinds of side dishes and main dishes are displayed in the menu list, that you may already feel like visiting here again. You can also enjoy typical Chinese desserts.

There are also fresh sea bream and Peking duck which you may order on special occasions. You can ask for the favorite way of cooking the sea bream. Including these luxurious food, all dishes are served in a reasonable price so that people can easily enjoy their meal and want to visit the restaurant again.

They also have many kinds of drinks which go well with the dishes. There are several Chinese tea, Shaoxing rice wine and other alcohol drinks as well.

The chefs and servers are friendly and they sometimes dish up food more than usual as a service.

Enjoy the great Chinese and Hong Kong food and a nice conversation with the servers at ‘Kirakubo’!!

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