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Besides many famous restaurants along the main street of Ginza, there are also many nice restaurants in the back alley of Ginza. “Kikukawa” is one of the long-established Japanese restaurant which is famous for fine fish dishes. It is about 5 minutes away from Ginza station and Yurakucho station, and is only open on weekdays.

They provide Japanese dishes using fresh fish from the Tsukiji market, and sometimes deliver it from Ehime prefecture by airplane.

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At lunch time, there is a long line of people who visit to eat reasonable lunch. There are set lunch such as “Omakase Gozen (chef’s choice set meal)” and “Osakana Gozen (fish set meal)”. Both menus consist of main dish, “chawan-mushi (savory custard cup with other ingredients)”, pickled vegetables, some side dishes, rice, miso soup and a dessert. The main fish dish of the “Osakana Gozen” can be chosen from sashimi assortments, grilled fish or boiled fish. You can ask another helping of rice to eat many kind of food with rice. The food is cooked and dished up quickly by the chefs at the open kitchen which can be seen from the counter seats.

At dinner time, there are many kind of one-dish meal using fish and seasonal ingredients, and also course menus using luxury food such as globefish or soft-shelled turtles (“suppon”) which can be eaten at private rooms or formal Japanese room with tatami mats.

Since Kikukawa’s lunch was introduced in TV, many people wait at front of the restaurant before it opens, so be sure not to go too late or some of the menus may be sold out. In addition, the restaurant is originally one of the famous restaurant, so it is also recommended for receptions or to celebrate a memorial day.

If you want to eat delicious fish at lunch or dinner, you can enjoy your meal at “Kikukawa”.

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