Kameari Town

Do you know ” Kochikame “, a  famous Japanese cartoon ?


Kochikame has been published for about 40 years in JUMP, the most popular cartoon magazine and it has 185 series books. The main caractor called Ryoutsu is a policeman. He is so reckless and do something quickly before thinking a result  that he and people around him always get in troubled. This cartoon is also satirizing the latest Japanese pop cultures so you can learn about current Japanese events and cultures with enjoyment.

Kameari town has many things related to Kochikame. For example, if you take a walk around this town, you may find some statues like this.


There are total 14 statues related to the charactors of Kochikame.

Kochikame park is an amusement facility in this town. The park has a police station duplicates  cartoon and sells original items that you can get only there. In addition, if you visit the park on Saturday or Sunday, you may see Ryou san and Nakagawa, one of his co-worker.


You can get to this town from JR Tokiwa line Kameari station.

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  1. Naka says:

    There are some comic-relatied shops in japan. It is interesting. It’s fun to find something about the anime. I know kochikame. This manga has been lasting for a ling time.

  2. moem says:

    I heard KOCHIKAME is one of the longest manga.

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