KAKIYASU – Popular Japanese restaurant in Ginza

KAKIYASU - Popular Japanese restaurant in Ginza

KAKIYASU is known in Japan as all-you-can-eat style restaurant.

They have many different kinds of dishes, like Japanese, Chinese and Western.
When you hear the restaurant something like this, you may feel strange as there are so many kinds of dishes. But, you will find it’s not strange at all there in a fine balance.

They stick to provide a lot of vegetables here, so that they got many kinds of different dishes with vegetables, including some kinds of vegetable and fruit smoothies.

So, when you feel like you are lack of vegetables, this restaurant is good to go.

It’s 5 minutes’ walk from Yurakucho station.
2000 yen for lunch time, and 3300 yen for dinner, including dessert and soft drinks,
from 11am to 4pm for lunch, and 5pm to 10pm for dinner.

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