Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Tokyo

Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Tokyo akihabara

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Have you ever heard about ” KAIYODO “, the old and the most popular doll maker in Japan? If you are a fan that loves collecting Japanese cartoon’s dolls like Yotsuba, Evangelion,  Oh My Goddess!, I bet you’ve already heard about the name.

I’ve once watched their works on TV. This company hires many talented artists and they have their own skills. That’s why the most of dolls they create can’t make a copy.

This is a directly-managed store of KAIYODO so you can enjoy a lot of unique dolls like many miniature animals’ figures, a 2 meters-hight Eva first battle machine, a life-sized Rei Ayanami, Kenshirou, etc…So you may find not only brand new dolls but also rare ones that have already sold out at other stores.

In additon, they have good services like taking a picture with dolls and playing with them as you like! If you visit Akihabara, I think you should stop by there.

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