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kagurazaka yamasemi

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Yamasemi, Soba Noodle Restaurant in Kagurazaka, Tokyo

In Kagurazaka, there is a Japanese restaurant called “Yamasemi” which provides buckwheat noodle (“soba”) and fresh fish. It is 2 minutes away from Ushigome Kagurazaka station and 4 minutes away from Iidabashi station. The latticed door of the entrance and the wooden tables and chairs create the typical Japanese atmosphere.

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At “Yamasemi”, you can eat soba noodle which is made everyday by grinding the buckwheat on a millstone. The noodle is rather thin so that there is enough elastic, and you can enjoy the aroma of buckwheat with the noodle soup (“mentsuyu”) using bonito, kelp and shiitake mushroom. The buckwheat is also used in “Vegetables wrap with buckwheat crepe” which you can wrap the fresh vegetables with thin crepes that has the buckwheat aroma.

“Kamo nabe (duck pot cooking)” is another recommendation, which you can enjoy the duck meat and vegetables boiled in the broth of soy sauce base, with the natural sweet flavor of the vegetables melted into the soup. The fresh seafood is delivered directly from Miura Peninsula which is cooked into sashimi, boiled or grilled seafood.

For the regular customers to enjoy the meal, the 6 kinds of “obanzai (Kyoto style side dishes)” everyday and all changes within 3 days. Therefore, you can enjoy the side dishes of the day with soba noodle and drinks.

There are over 20 kinds of Japanese sake and also homemade sake such as Kyoho grape liquor and ginger liquor to match with the delicious food. If you sit at the counter seats, you can look at the labels of the collection of selected sake bottles. Of course, there are table seats with chairs or sofas to take your time eating and talking with your friends.

If you want to eat nice buckwheat noodles and Japanese food after walking around Kagurazaka, drop by at “Yamasemi” to have a relaxed and pleasant meal.

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