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Have you ever eaten such a nice melon bread? Kagetsudo is located in Asakusa.If you want to go there,you have to get off Asakusa station in Tokyo metro. Kagetsudo’s melon bread is crisp surface but you can see sweet melon cream inside the bread. The sweet cream is very nice and once you try to eat this melon bread, you are crazy about the bread. The bread is bigger than usual one and one hundred seventy yen in a piece. It is very reasonable. Furthermore, you can enjoy many kinds of foods in Asakusa. For examples, Ningyoyaki,which is pancake filled with bean jam. Why don’t you buy the Ningyoyaki as your souvenir? The bean jam is nice taste and that is so sweet. Not only many kinds of foods, but you can enjoy in Asakusa with a great deal of Edo’s atmosphere. Asakusa is the old part of Tokyo, so people are very friendly. If you can’t speak Japanese,never mind. Almost shop staff and people can speak English.

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  1. Naka says:

    Melon bread is very tasty. There are a lot of interesting restaurants and shops around the asakusa area.

  2. Sciencer says:

    I have had melon bread before, bought in Japanese convenience store. It tasted good, and this special bread must be terrific!

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