Ginza Kabukiza

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese performance. Actors who play Kabuki have been taking over their skill to their children so many of them are blood relatives. I’m not that fan of Kabuki, but even I know these family name like Ichikawa, Onoue, Ichikawa, Nakamura. They are so familiar with Japanese so some of them participate in some shows on TV actively.

Kabukiza is a representative theater run over 100 years. If you see the entrance hall, you would feel the historical value.

If you don’t have much time to watch Kabuki or you want to get a reasonable ticket, I recommend you choose non-reserved seat  on 4 floor called ” Ichimakumise “. This seat is for people who is going to appreciate Kabuki for the first time. Kabuki is usually scheduled 3 part of shows, but this ” Ichimakumise ” is allowed to watch only 1 show from 4 floor that you can see a whole theater.

( Information ) you’ll be there in a sec from East Ginza No.3 exit ( subway ) /

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  1. hami2009 says:

    My family from U.S. have been there before, and they were fascinated by the Kabuki performance! The building itself has a history, too. It’s worth to visit if you would like to know more about japanese entertainment culture.

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