JR Yamanote Line

JR yamanote line
Yamanote Line runs in a loop around Tokyo central and functions as a basic line for Tokyo. Trains stops at many terminal stations, where you can change for various subway and private lines. There are 30 stations in total and it takes about an hour to go around the city center.

JR Yamanote Line Map

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Station Transfer to:
Tokyo Marunouchi Line/JR Line
Yurakucho Yurakucho Line/JR Line
Shinbashi Asakusa Line/Ginza Line/JR Line/Yurikamome Line
Hamamatsucho JR Line/Tokyo Monorail
Tamachi JR Line
Shinagawa JR Line
Osaki JR Line
Gotanda Asakusa Line/JR Line/Tokyu Ikegami Line
Meguro Nanboku Line/Mita Line/JR Line/Tokyu Meguro Line
Ebisu Hibiya Line/JR Line
Shibuya Hanzomon Line/Fukutoshin Line/Ginza Line/JR Line/Tokyu Line/Keio inogashira Line
Harajuku JR Line
Yoyogi Oedo Line/JR Line
Shinjuku Marunouchi Line/Oedo Line/JR Line/Keio Line/Odakyu Line
Shin-Okubo JR Line
Takadanobaba Tozai Line/JR Line/Seibu-shinjuku Line
Mejiro JR Line
Ikebukuro Marunouchi Line/Yurakucho Line/Fukutoshin Line/JR Line/Tobu tojo Line/Seibu Ikebukuro Line
Otsuka JR Line/Arakawa Line
Sugamo Mita Line/JR Line
Komagome Nanboku Line/JR Line
Tabata JR Line
Nishi-nippori Chiyoda Line/JR Line
Nipposri JR Line/Keisei Line
Uguisudani JR Line
Ueno Ginza Line/Hibiya Line/JR Line
Okachimachi JR Line
Akihabara Hibiya Line/JR Line
Kanda Ginza Line/JR Line

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