Jimbocho, the book town

Jimbocho area has been called ‘Japanese Quartier Latin’ because this small area is surrounded by nearly ten universities, colleges and big vocational schools. As is Quartier Latin in Paris, there are many publishing companies, book agencies, some mega bookstores and innumerable number of small secondhand bookstores. Especially, Suzuran Street in Jimbocho is full of small but specialized bookstores on both sides. For example, Uchiyama Shoten has the biggest collection of China related books, such as magazines from China, Chinese learning materials, Chinese books, Japanese books on China, etc. When you get tired of hopping bookstores, there are some nice cafes and restaurants around.

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  1. marchioness says:

    If you are looking for some old Japanese magazines you must come here. You will find what you want and also you can sell
    old magazines too.

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