Japanese Sword Museum

japanese sowrd in tokyo

The Japanese sword, the katana, is famous not only as a symbol of the Samurai spirit, but also as a work of art.

Katana are backswords, unlike the typical Western variety, which are double-edged. In addition, Western swords were traditionally wielded single-handed, whereas two hands were required for the Japanese blade. The reason was that the katana was seen primarily as a slashing blade, not a thrusting one. And to deliver enough power to kill the enemy with a single slash, you have to put your full strength into the swing – by using two hands.

In Star Wars, Jedi Knights use lightsabers much the same way samurai used katana – with both hands. The character Asajj Ventress uses two lightsabers in the two-sword style of famed samurai swordsman, Musashi Miyamoto.

At this museum, you can see the great works of swordsmiths from different time periods.

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3 Responses

  1. Naka says:

    The sward museum sounds cool. I didn’t know this. Maybe it has many types of sward so I can see them. And it is very interesting about seeing the works of making swards.

  2. haramin says:

    I have never heard of sword museum. Sounds fantastic.

  3. hami2009 says:

    Sword museum sounds very interesting! It’s a must go place if you like samurai! My husband is very interested with japanese swords, so maybe I should take him there someday.

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