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Cooking with Mari − Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo, Japan

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It would be cool if you serve some exotic foods when you throw a party at home, wouldn’t it?  Maybe, Washoku that has been designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity can be an option for your party dishes. “Cooking with Mari” could be of a help to you, which provides cooking classes for overseas visitors to Japan. In addition to sightseeing plans in Tokyo, learning Washoku will probably be a good experience during your stay in Japan.

What “Cooking with Mari” offers is as below.

Cooking & Enjoying Washoku Dishes:
You can pick what you want to learn from a variety of list of dishes. And, after you learn and cook Washoku dishes, it is time for a home party. You can enjoy the dishes you prepared.

Visiting Japanese home:
The classes are held at Mari’s home. Maybe you can enjoy a class as if you enjoyed a home party.

Classes in English:
You would like to learn Washoku, but worry about a language gap? Their classes are conducted in English, Chinese, or Japanese. And, a lot of people have come and taken a class or two or more from more than 150 countries.

Easy Access:
The classroom of “Coocking with Mari” is located in the neighbor of the Tsukiji Fish Market. It is also near Ginza. You could learn Washoku after you visited Tsukiji Fish Market.

Japanese Desserts:
There is an option to learn how to make Japanese sweets in English, which is rare in Tokyo. You can learn typical sweets like dango (dumplings), daifuku (sweet bean filled dumplings), cake made with matcha (powered green tea), etc.

They also have classes not only for overseas visitors but also for residents in Japan. It is nice if you acquire how to cook some of Japanese homemade dishes while living in Japan, isn’t it?

Class Information — Cooking with Mari

Website: http://www.japanese-cooking-class-tokyo-mari.com/index.html
Class: about 2-3 hours/class
Lunch class:     10 am
Dinner class:    5 pm
Address: 2-13-5 Shintomi, Chuo-ku,Tokyo Japan
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