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izakaya hanako shinuku tokyo

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Izakaya Hanako―cute waiters serve tasty dishes

izakaya hanako shinuku tokyo2

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Where is the place in Japan that food is amazingly tasty? The answer may vary based on people’s directivity, but
it’s no doubt that many people will answer, “Hokkaido is the best”.

At “Izakaya Hanako”, you can enjoy fishes or something of Hokkaido. It is normal that food is not so tasty in izakaya because it’s cheap, but Izakaya Hanako is definitely an exception. Dishes there are amazing that you can surely enjoy.

In addition, you can enjoy Japanese sake at a lower price. If you drunk 100 bottles of sake in 90 minutes, the price will be about 2,000 yen. In 90 minutes, the price of drinking is always the same. This system is called “Nomihoudai” in Japan.

But what makes you excited the most is maybe waiters. Waiters in Izakaya Hanako are all so cute. Not only their looks, but they also have a hospitality to serve you. Just try to talk with them in English or Japanese. This gonna be a great experience, and you will surely enjoy that. Cute waiters with much hospitality, and food from Hokkaido. If you go to Shinjuku, having a dinner at Izakaya Hanako won’t be so bad.

Basic info

Opening Hours 5:00 pm – 11:30 pm
(Sundays are off)
Address Takano Building. 4F, 1-4-7, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access 1 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station, West Gate
Website http://i-hanako.com/menu/index.html
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