ISEGO, a Long Standing Shop of Rice


Isego is a long standing shop of rice from Edo period and its traditional Japanese storehouses is also at the residential district in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

I heard they have started to run that shop during the rule of Shogun Yoshimune TOKUGAWA.
They mainly sell Koshihikari, a kind of Japanese Rice.

Though most people thinks Koshihikari is the one of Niigata, farmers in other district like Nagano Prefecture and Tochigi Prefecture grow it.
The features vary depending on the region.
Actually they sell only three kinds of rice; a blend of Koshihikari grown in Uonuma and Koshihikari, Isego rice ‘Kiwami’ and Idego rice ‘Tsuu’.
Isego’s original point is to use features of Koshihikari grown in various regions and to blend them.


The rice surely looks beautiful.
It ripened, the rice grain is bigger and the color is gold.

Isego is particular about not only the quality of rice but also the way of polishing it.
There was a big rice polishing machine in the shop.

Address:3 Chome-38-9 Sengoku, Bunkyō-ku, Tōkyō-to 112-0011, Japan
Nearest station :Toei MIta Line Sengoku Station
*Japanese Only
*The shop and storehouses is a registered tangible cultural property

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