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Tsukemen – Dipping Style Ramen

tsukemen ramen

Tsukemen is a kind of ramen noodles which literally means dipping noodles. It is usually served ramen noodles separately with dipping soup and some toppings. People take some noodles with their chopsticks and dip them into the bowl of soup and eat. The noodles are usually served cold or in room temperature, and the soup is hot (sometimes cold). As ramen has a wide range of flavors depends on the restaurant, there are also all sorts of Tsukemen soup types and flavors. Each restaurant has their own taste such as soy sauce based, salt based or miso (soy bean paste) based, tomato based or curry-taste as unique ones, meat broth based or fish broth based, otherwise with slightly sweet flavor or with sour flavor.
The typical toppings are Chashu (sliced barbecued or braised pork), scallions, seasoned boiled egg, Menma (bamboo shoots), Nori (dried seaweed), Narutomaki or Kamaboko (formed fish paste), and a lot more.

Dipping soup of Tsukemen tends to be much richer than ordinary ramen, and the amount of the noodles is sometimes about a double portion of normal ramen. At many restaurants, after your finishing the noodles, you can ask to add some broth to the dipping soup in order to be able to drink it up. Unless you ask it to the restaurant staff, they wouldn’t offer or mention that service.

You can experience this Tsukemen culture in many of the ramen shops, and even at convenience stores it is widely available as frozen pack. Just for your information, Tsukemen is sometimes called Morisoba or Tsukesoba at some restaurants.

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