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Tradition to eat pumpkins on winter solstice

Tradition to eat pumpkins on winter solstice

One of the tradition in Japan is to eat pumpkins and take a bath with floating citrons. But what is the reason of eating pumpkins on that particular day? Here are the reasons below.

1. To make the body more resistant

At winter, there are less vegetables to eat, so pumpkins are the best food which contain plenty of vitamins to make your body more resistant to viruses.

Actually, the harvest of autumn vegetables were mostly finished by winter solstice in Japan in the old days, and there were little vegetables to eat. Therefore, to wish that they could stay healthy throughout the winter, they thought pumpkins to be precious which could be preserved for a long time and nutritious.

2. Food which ends with ‘n’ brings good luck

Eating food which ends with ‘n’ on winter solstice was thought to bring luck. Therefore, people ate food such as “ninjin (carrot)”, “renkon (lotus root)”, “ginnan (ginkgo nut)” and “kanten (agar)”.

The common name to call pumpkin in Japanese is “kabocha” but also called as “nankin” so it is also recognized as bringing good luck.

There are many ways to eat pumpkins which differ among the regions. To stay healthy at winter, why not eating pumpkins on winter solstice?

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