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Sanma (Pacific Saury) Sushi

The Pacific saury is the fish that heralds autumn’s arrival. Its spine glitters with a bluish-black and its belly with a silvery glint. The fish’s willowy, sword-like shape is the reason behind the Japanese characters for its name( 秋刀魚). “秋” is autumn, “刀” is sword, and “魚” is fish in English.

The Pacific saury, which heads north to the Sea of Okhotsk from spring to summer, turns south towards the Sanriku coast of northeastern Japan in autumn.

Pacific saury broiled with salt is a representative dish of the Japanese autumn. The fatty fish is used raw in sushi, but can also be salted and vinegared, and both provide different and enjoyable tastes. Often the toppings are decoratively sliced, and garnished with chives and ginger.

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