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Origami Triceratops

This Triceratops is another challenging origami art. Around the face especially looks hard to fold. However, the representation of this triceratops is created very well. This is simply a beautiful piece of art made out of just one paper. The origami dinosaurs are always fun to make. I wish I could make this for my daughter if I had more origami skills.

Origami Triceratops’s Details

Title Triceratops
Created by Mr. Issei Yoshino
Paper used for this item 1 origami color paper (aye-aye color/Ehime Shiko)
Paper size 25.0cm×25.0cm (9.8in×9.8in)
Item dimension Body length 14cm(5.5in), Body height 7cm(2.75in)
Difficulty ★★★★

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