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Origami Spring Dawn

I’m very interested in this origami spring dawn because the creator, Rokoangidou, was actually a temple priest who lived couple hundred years ago. He created so many origami patterns which people are still having fun folding. His origami cranes are registered as important intangible cultural asset by the city of Kuwana. I found it very interesting that the smaller cranes are actually underneath the big crane’s wings. This origami crane is just very beautiful. I am very glad to know that people still enjoying these Japanese historic and traditional hobbies.

Origami Spring Dawn’s Details

Title Spring Dawn( Haru no Akebono)
Created by Rokoangidou (original text : secret thousand cranes origami)
Reference The world of connected origami cranes (Book of Izumi, inc)
Paper used for this item 1 Japanese paper(Glossy color crumpled paper/Daiso)
Paper size 10.0cm×15.0cm(3.9in×5.9in)
Item dimension (Big Crane) Body length 5cm(1.96in), Wing length7cm(2.75in)
(Small Crane) Body length 1.5cm(0.59in)
Difficulty ★☆

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