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Origami Samurai Helmet 2

This origami samurai helmet looks gorgeous, and strong. It is also very detailed, so it must be challenging to create one. However, with diligence and concentration I am confident that anyone can enjoy making this unique Japanese helmet. It would be great if you decorate this helmet with other origami helmets.

Origami Samurai Helmet’s Details

Title Samurai Helmet
Created by Mr. Issei Yoshino
Reference Issei Super Complex Origami (Origami House)
Paper used for this item 1 origami color paper (60 color paper/Kurasawa)
Paper size 24.0cm×24.0cm (9.4in×9.4in)
Item dimension width 14cm(5.5in), height 7cm(2.75in)
Difficulty ★★★☆

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