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Origami Lizard

This Origami Lizard is not only for display but also practical. The Lizard’s mouth is able to hold a memo paper. Bigger size paper will be needed if you would like to use it as an actual paper holder. This origami Lizard looks like the one from desert. Its body form is very interesting because it is well balanced. The two feet holds the whole body very good.

Origami Lizard’s Details

Title Message Lizard
Created by Mr. Yoshio Tsuda
Reference Origami Tanteidan (Detectives) convention folding diagram compilation Vol.20 (Japanese Origami Academic Society)
Paper used for this item 1 both sides same color origami (monocolor/Taro)
Paper Size 15.0cm × 15.0cm (5.9in × 5.9in)
Item dimension Body length: 12cm (4.7in)

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